Elite Dangerous The Guardians Update Is Available


Frontier Developments released Update 2.2 and Update 1.7 (for players without access to Horizon) for Elite Dangerous.



– Added F-63 Condor as a playable ship
– Added Imperial Fighter as a playable ship
– Added Taipan as a playable ship
– Added Beluga Liner as a playable ship
– Added fighter specific weapon modules
– Added fighter loadouts
– Added Fighter Bays for supported ships: Corvette, Cutter, Anaconda, Type 9, Beluga, Federal Gunship and Keelback
– Added Crew Lounge
– NPC fighter pilots can be hired
– Hired pilots receive a revenue percentage
– Fighters can be given orders
– Mothership can be given simple orders when player is in a fighter
– NPC ships can use ship launched fighters
– Role panel updated to support fighter operations
– Display NPC Fighter Pilot name when targeting the ship they are controlling
– Added a warning/reminder to set active NPC crew
– Fighter and vehicle bays are now numbers this is to help match the bay to the vessel when using livery
– Increased boost speed of all fighters
– Rebalanced default speed for some fighters to make them inline with their original design (the Empire Fighter was too fast compared to the others)
– Increased DPS of fighter weapons by 12.5%
– Increased fighter production capability of the size 7 hanger module
– Fixed fuel gauge disappearing when switching back to mothership
– Missing avatar faces on the orders panel fixed
– NPC crew do not have appropriate backgrounds when in your ship or in the fighter fixed
– Added warnings why can’t a player deploy a fighter
– Move “Orders” to the top of the menu when interacting with AI fighters/main ship
– Fighter descriptions hooked up
– Able to issue orders using both fighters in the role panel even though only one is deployed fixed
– After hiring, crew sometimes displays negative numbers fixed
– Balance displayed in the Crew Lounge is incorrect fixed
– AI Crew don’t appear to be gaining any xp from combat in fighters fixed
– Fixed logic error for allowing non horizons crew in to the crew lounge to fire crew they might have hired when they had horizons
– Added default numpad keys for the new order bindings to each control scheme
– Added in better descriptions for the fighter specific stats
– Re-launching fighters resets ammo and pip setup fixed
– Fixed radar not showing hostiles/allies correctly when switching vessel in a conflict zone
– Helm ‘Details’ tab should go to ship description
– Audio: Velocity of the ship launched fighter is now set to the same as long as the fighter stow interface is not active
– Audio: Fixed “self” explosions to be triggered to ship launched fighters
– Fixed headlights on the fighters
– Dust layer on Independent Fighter is green, fixed it to dark grey
– Fighters can no longer use boost while they are still attached to the launch ramp
– Fixed Imperial Fighter hitspheres so weapons can be damaged
– Fed Fighter 100% damage paint issue fixed
– Fighters can no longer kill ships inside starports without being shot by the station when mothership is far away
– Fighters will no longer retract their hardpoints when the AI is asked to dock them, stopping the error where a player asked the AI to dock then swaps to the fighter and has no hard points
– Balance displayed in the Crew Lounge is incorrect and does not update on purchasing a pilot fixed
– NPC experience always shows as 50% when they’re in the main ship fixed
– Removed the life support, self destruct and reboot options from the fighter
– Fighters destroyed by the mothership jumping away shouldn’t count as player kills
– Fixed rendering bug causing text to overlap buttons on the role panel orders
– Fixed issue with right panel in crew lounge not showing data after loading
– The little fighter HUD no longer overlaps the target panel. It now has its own home near your ship’s schematic
– Healing lasers now work on fighters
– Moved the ‘Request Docking’ from fighter bay to helm
– Stop fighters being able to operate beyond 30KM range if you switch to the Mothership at the last second before the SLF explodes
– Stop AI crew members leaving turret mode of mothership on “Fire at will”
– Vessel Status UI (cockpit): display the correct fighter variant name
– Fixed overlapping text on Role panel orders menu
– Fixed hit markers on the ship schematics in the cockpit being the wrong size and appearing in the wrong position for fighters
– Reduced the severity of a few info messages when changing fighter orders. Now uses a small ‘log’ message type, rather than the big flashy one
– Only show “No active crew” warning when a hangar module is present
– Unable to terminate crew without horizons
– Crew total payment not updating immediately fixed
– Created binding for opening the orders page (RB+B)
– Reactivate the engineer button when switching back from a fighter
– Allow the Orders GUI to move selection to the top of the list to navigate quickly to the bottom order
– Added the available stats to the fighter details page in the role switch panel
– Role Switch panel flashes, and doesn’t let player click on slots and order commands fixed
– Fighters under AI Crew control now use the AI friendly fire rules
– Can no longer select ship description text in fighters tab of role panel
– You are able to purchase a SRV or Fighter that you already currently own into the same slot fixed
– Added in Gimballed versions of the Fighter Weapons so that the lasers don’t look so wrong
– Following NPC crew oddities (When NPC crew is flying a player’s ship) fixed:
– If MC turrets are fitted and set to Target Only, the combat AI cannot fire them
– Can only use one missile launcher, even if two are fitted
– Missiles are fired at long range and are wasted
– AI doesn’t use boost to chase and kill targets, instead lets them get away
– When out of ammo, AI ship should drop back into formation
– Player ships with just missiles won’t fight
– After requesting docking, all other order hotkeys are ignored
– AI crew in mothership will not attack targets if they have non combat modules deployed before switching to fighter fixed
– Added clearer message to indicate that the players fighter will be destroyed when they FSD away
– Moved empire fighters hit spheres for the weapons even further forward to help in hitting them
– Use numbers rather than bars for displaying fighter stats
– Wanted NPC has clean fighter fixed
– Fixed bounty credit notification not appearing or being awarded in a fighter when destroying a target with a non-local bounty
– Added loading animation to screen for switching between fighters and main ship
– Fixed missing font glyphs on Role panel when running in Russian
– Fixed commander name having the “Crew” tag on the death screen when killed by a player in a fighter
– Can use hotkeys to send invalid NPC commands to unmanned mothership fixed
– Audio: target destroyed lines of NPC crews and ship voice do not conflict anymore
– Audio: reduced probability of “no more targts” npc crew message down to 40%
– Audio: Fix for Crew member saying wrong line when asked to attack target
– Fix not being able to deploy an SRV or Fighter after resurrecting
– Fix NPC Crew not increasing their total kill count when assisting with destroying NPC and Player ships too low level to award combat rank progression
– Fighter ramming not counting as illegal fixed
– Fixed the incorrect paintjobs used for red and blue in CQC
– Make sure active crew are displayed correctly
– Added an inbox notification when NPC Crew rank up
– Fixed NPC Crew profit share not increasing when ranking up
– Turret settings are recovered when switching back to main ship
– Allow fighters to accept new orders if they’ve been told to dock
– NPC Crew can’t pilot ships near planet surfaces fixed

Surface Features

– New geological features added (fumeroles and geysers)
– Biological entities added
– POIs can now be persistant (applies to new geological and organic features)
– Mysterious things added


– Limpet blueprints added
– Scanners (KWS, Cargo, Wake) blueprints added
– Defences (ECM, Chaff, Heat Sinks, and Point Defence Turrets) blueprints added
– Utilities (Life Support, Fuel Scooping, Refinery, AFM) blueprints added
– Added new Engineers!
– Make sure we always get the right string key for existing modification name
– Added ellipses functionality to blueprint text strings. If they are greater than 25 characters an ellipses will be added
– Fixed layout problems in engineers workshop that would cause a scrollbar to appear and have unintended effects
– Fixed bug where engineer special effect animation would always overlay the description of the successful special effect, before the animation had completed


– Implementation of patch-based planet rendering on the system and planet maps



– Added passenger modules of different sizes and quality to outfitting
– Tourist beacon (surface and space) added
– Tourist beacons send an inbox message with the blurb for that beacon when scanned
– Passenger Lounge
– Added Passenger Lounge to Station Services
– Travel agents are available in the passenger lounge
– Passengers can be bulk or VIP varieties
– Added in support for mission filtering and selecting cabins in the missions panel for passenger missions
– Added mission themes for the new passenger mission types – plus appropriate icons
– Filtered missions with these themes to their own section on the transaction panel
– Custom welcome lines and titles added
– Added different passenger types
– Aid Worker passenger type added
– Business passenger type added
– Criminal passenger type added
– Explorer passenger type added
– Medical passenger type added
– Minor Celebrity passenger type added
– Political Prisoner passenger type added
– Politician passenger type added
– POW passenger type added
– Prisoner passenger type added
– Protester passenger type added
– Refugee passenger type added
– Scientist passenger type added
– Security passenger type added
– Soldier passenger type added
– Terrorist passenger type added
– Tourist passenger type added
– Head of State passenger type added
– Added UI support for showing passenger entries when cargo scanning
– Passengers (or their representitives) have portraits and names
– Added cabin inventory tab to cockpit panel
– Passenger Liner NPC archetype added
– Passenger cabins require escape pods
– Added passenger liners as possible Massacre Targets
– Ships can be scanned for wanted passengers
– Added stats for passenger contracts
– Passengers use escape pods to abandon ship if they wish to leave
– Added a long time stamp generator for use in expedition missions
– Capacity for Passenger Cabin Size 5 Class 4 has changed from 6 to 8
– Crewed SLF displays player rank, not crew’s rank fixed
– Display the NPC crew experience correctly
– Improved the UI flow when selecting which cabin to place your passengers in
– Plugged in Head of State passengers to the passenger sightseeing missions
– Passengers do not eject themselves after failing a bulk mission until you discard the mission from your Transactions tab fixed
– When you abandon a mission and the passengers eject themselves, the message you receive should now appear in your inbox
– NPC chatter/ AI behaviour seems incorrect during PassengerVIP CEO kill chance wrinkle fixed
– Passenger satisfaction now decreases when taking hull damage if they don’t react well to danger
– Updated the values, meaning passengers will get more disgruntled at lower ranks, but remain the same amount as before at higher ranks
– Chief medical officer still expects goods wrinkle after declining it fixed
– Updated the sightseeing kill wrinkle, to have its own hand in state – allowing you to continue to kill the spawned enemies if you want to
– Allow sightseeing to be completed even if a cargo wrinkle is active
– Long distance expedition rewards shouldn’t increase with each jump
– Abandoning a long distance expedition should now impact faction reputation
– Make pods the most important thing when working out if we can take passengers
– Make passenger cabins replicate properly
– Ensure that a new destination wrinkle doesn’t send you to the port you’ve just come from
– Updated the passenger quantity for the luxury cabin – can now support 8 passengers
– Removed the destination marker for the visit tourist location wrinkle
– Fixed not getting an inbox message about returning to the nearest dock after abandoning a passenger mission
– Updated the states to prevent it sticking on disgruntled checks
– Cannot accept PassengerStowaway mission message when there is one cabin remaining fixed
– Passenger cabins in the inventory panel now match the surrounding styling better
– If a tourist beacon is planetary, stop non-horizons people from accepting it
– After dying with passengers on board and returning to the game there is no message saying that your passengers ejected from the ship fixed
– Updated the passenger VIP templates with the state change effects for new destination system
– Added new passenger modules for various sizes and tweaked capacity numbers for all of them as well
– Balance pass on passenger mission rewards
– Balance pass on passenger mission reputation, influence, and state changes
– Add the bonus money for wrinkles into an inbox – so that players know there is a bonus for them if they do the wrinkle
– Removed explorers from the bulk passenger template
– Changed the scan wrinkle for long distance tourist missions to give a bonus for not getting scanned, rather than taking money away if you do get scanned
– Passenger sightseeing mission was blocked from being handed in by inbox request for items fixed
– Don’t fail a mission if a fighter is destroyed
– Reduced jump distances for visit tourist locations in passenger VIP missions
– Corrected which VIPs get the wrinkles that they should have
– Remove assert when we try to parse a passenger contract without a passenger cabin container (i.e. in an SRV)
– Stuck in the cabin section of inventory tab in the right panel when you switch to a different ship with a cabin selected fixed
– Changing the POW passengers to appear as security guards to match the text of the mission
– When you abandon a mission and the passengers eject themselves, the message you receive does not actually appear in your inbox fixed
– Allows the player to hand in the cargo without the cargo. Should the player dock at the final station without the cargo, the passengers will get mildy annoyed – preventing the player from exploiting the goods demanded wrinkle
– Ship hull damage while in an SRV or Fighter does not effect passenger happiness state fixed
– Fixed passenger satisfaction decreasing when SRV is damaged
– Body location is now shown on long distance expeditions
– Tourist beacon wrinkle will no longer spawn twice with passenger vip wrinkles
– Tell mission listeners when progression is blocked so they don’t try to trigger mission progression during location changes
– Fix the transaction panel to show goods demanded at correct times
– Manifest scanner returning incorrect results from passenger vessels fixed
– No inbox message appears when scanning a Nav Beacon during a Passenger VIP mission fixed
– Long distance expedition missions are not displaying body location of the tourist beacon in the transactions fixed
– Fixed detection of planetary tourist sites
– Audio: Fixed click in loop on Tourist beacon
– Audio: Fixed a very loud tourist beacon
– Passenger missions not displaying or paying out rewards on hand in fixed
– Updated the transaction tab for passenger sightseeing conflict, and for passenger vip conflict. They now include the system address for the conflict zone
– Remove commodities bought for passengers when completing a mission
– More balance tweaks for reputation, influence and state effects
– Player has been scanned – When scanned just once, the inbox message will pop up several times until the passenger is disgruntled fixed
– Stop passenger cabins containing passengers from being swappable
– Generic passenger generation now fits cabins with Tourists instead of Generics
– Fixed errors in passenger cabin classes and types
– Fix for passengers hiding when the ship is dismissed (from a planetary landing via SRV) and comes back…
– When you abandon a mission and the passengers eject themselves, the message you receive does not actually appear in your inbox fixed
– Fix Passenger mission problems when swapping occupied cabins between module slots
– Updated the tips referenced for political prisoner. They now display the criminal trait
– Fix error when previously occupied passenger cabins are not rebought from the resurrect screen
– Fixed passenger crime scans. Add string for passenger wanted crime
– Fix for passenger cabin allocation vis-a-vis missing pods and accidental restocking


– *Mysterious things added*
– Fixed mysterious things not deactivating
– New player power added – Yuri Grom
– Jet effects added to neutron and white dwarf stars
– Updated tutorials
– Instructor character added with dialogue across all training scenarios.
– Added additional on-screen prompts and assists to all training scenarios.
– Updated and improved existing training scenarios:
– Docking and Travel
– Basic Combat
– Added new training scenarios:
– Basic Flight
– Advanced Combat
– Mining
– SRV Training
– Ship Launched Fighter Training
– Mining tutorial added
– Added local player event log
– Option to move owned ships added – it’s available from all Shipyards
– Ability to sell ships remotely (from different ports) added
– Module storage added to Outfitting (not currently active in beta)
– Stored modules can be sold (not currently active in beta)
– Add system to support greater variation with station interiors
– Industrial interior pieces added
– Services interior pieces added
– Agricultural interior pieces added
– High Tech interior pieces added
– Add some additional variants for hangar interiors (following the above scheme)
– New layout for Station Services menu
– Added a factor contact for universal fines, bonds and bounties handling – found in low security systems
– Various station contacts now have faces and names
– Added a security filter to the Galaxy Map
– Added the ability to use a filter to govern systems used in route plotting in the galaxy map
– Visited stars filter added to the galaxy map (this uses local storage so will only record stars visited from 2.2 release)
– Add a method for semi-automatically replotting a route to the previous destination, if the route was lost after logging out of the game or jumping away from the route
– Added fixed point locations using CQC assets
– Added planet surfaces to planetary map
– Added docked and state variants of the capital ships
– Capital ship docks added to various locations
– Added a Faction Status Summary to the local GalNet news feed
– Added an info message popup which displays the security level and, if necessary, the state of the system when jumping to a new system
– Added “Press BUTTON to abort” to the jump-to-system info, where BUTTON is the most relevant of the various FSD input bindings
– Added UI for the engine spooling when taking off from planetary surfaces
– Mission cargo can be sold on the black market

Stability Fixes

– Fixed network crash caused by non-replicated objects having replicated children
– Fix for asserts/crashes and wrong items showing in outfitting when adjusting the sorting for buyback items
– Fix a potential NaN in the vehicle system
– Fix error while switching user while in matchmaking for CQC
– Fix crash during high res screen capture
– Fix a server crash if a CQC game ends at the same time the lobby is shut down
– Fix a crash when searching for an exact system name that doesn’t exist
– Fix crash in CQC when taking damage and a contributing player doesn’t exist any more, likely due to quitting
– Fix a crash in CQC if we try to send a message to or about a player that is no longer in the game, also a tweak to getting player params to return a default value if that player is no longer in the game
– Xbox One: The title enters a semi unresponsive state when changing the Yaw Axis Preset from within the Controls Options fixed
– Fixed a crash when trying to get a name from a non-existent system
– Fixed crash that often occurs when self-destructing an SRV – but could conceivable occur during initialisation of any new ship
– Fixed a crash during transition states is a valid ship isn’t available
– Fixed crash exiting CQC
– Fixed a crash trying to create an NPC pilot in an invalid vehicle
– Prevent crash on game shutdown
– Prevent a crash trying to generate a mission for a station that no longer exists
– Fix a crash with the fighter bay trying to access an invalid state machine
– Fixed crash in the ship launched fighter tutorial
– Fixed crash in the SRV tutorial
– Fixed soft-lock on station services home screen if you spam click the quick refuel/reload/repair button
– Fixed the game locking up when editing/deleting a bookmark
– Fixed crash when finishing VR experience tutorial
– Trying to switch into a retrieved fighter crashes the game fixed
– Fixed an occasional crash in open vr on startup. Prevent presenting when SDK Rendering isn’t setup
– Fixed CQC CTF assert when picking up a flag after previously dropping a flag
– Fixed an error in terrain cube sphere mapping
– Prevent attempting to eject a cargo unit that is already queued for ejection
– Livery modules are no longer added to the list of newly purchased modules
– Don’t try to access control bindings while they’re loading
– Fix a crash if a planet made completely out of gas cannot hold onto its own gas and so has no mass
– AI fighters can validly spawn as independent ships, not linked to any parent ship, so cope with this case in Fighter Stow
– Fix a crash when a POI tries to spawn the same time the player is disconnected
– Fixed a crash in the role switch panel
– Fix vehicle switching crashes in the SRV tutorial
– Mark a persistent POI as invalid if it fails to find a position for its first attempt, this fixes a crash that it causes on some planets
– Fixed an error with an audio emitter
– Fixed an error with a mysterious thing in the contacts panel
– Fix for an assert failure when loading game into a fighter and using the role switch panel
– Fixed crash when shooting Skimmers due to them not having a vessel ownership
– Fixed soft lock when backing out of launchable livery
– Fixed soft lock when selecting a cabin from your inventory tab
– Added some sanity checking to cargo transfer so we don’t try to move from non-existent inventories
– Fix an assert caused by damage being moved between a ship and its modules causing it to lose the original machine the damage came from
– Fixed soft lock in outfitting when the user has the livery vessel selection dialog is open, but then instead selects an outfitting group from the left
– Removed crash telemetry if entering a location takes more than 2 minutes
– Fixed outfitting crash when previewing a fighter while docked at a planet port
– Allow the “visited stars” map filter to apply to route-plotting
– Fixed crash when starting the game with an HMD for some monitor/resolution combinations
– Fix a low level vertex locking crash
– Fix a crash when self-destructing the SRV
– Fixed JSON error in ship delivery
– If we lose connection with server immediately after connection, before mtu discovery is complete, don’t crash, reset mtu discovery for another go around
– Server time synchronisation can soft-lock the game fixed
– Ensure that system map materials get destroyed on shutdown
– Fix crash swapping modules in outfitting
– No longer assert when trying to add an item which is supposed to be empty
– Fix for buyback and stored items being deleted in one array but not another
– Don’t crash if the planets materials are not sensible
– Fixed error loading civilian installation
– Fixed a memory leak with the terrain compute shaders
– Updating the contents of module storage in UI was causing the UI to unlock earlier than intended fixed
– Fixed crash in outfitting where players were able to try to access data before it was ready
– Fixed an issue with a highly eccentric planet orbiting a single star and intersecting it
– Fixed an assert in CQC when damaged by an explosion from a destructible
– Module Transfer Crash – Trying to fit a module into a slot that it won’t fit into fixed
– Fixed a crash when killing a faction ship
– Fix a server disconnection when boarding an SRV at a planet station after the ship has been destroyed
– Catch cases where physics objects returned in an ai probe are destroyed before being used
– Fixed crash when role switching
– Fixed memory leak in system map
– Fix for crash when bulk storing large ships
– Disconnect after deploying SRV then requesting boarding with an SRV at Planetary Outposts/Stations fixed
– Spawn our ship in space on Xbox One instead of crashing if the launch bay is not valid

General Fixes, Changes, and Tweaks

– Speed/distance restrictions for dropping from supercruise now scale with how strong the local gravity influence is – the further from bodies the easier it is to drop out
– Fix an issue that could cause flickering and/or duplicate GUIs during interdiction
– Uncontrollable spin on completing interdictions at high speed fixed
– Fix a bug that meant the rate at which the target for the interdictee moved was partially tied to framerate.
– Kill Warrant Scanner does not show progress if the scan is started when the user is out of range
– Balance and cleanup pass to the challenge scenarios. Fix descriptions, tips and difficulty
– Wake Scanners, they now deploy and work in Supercruise again
– Cannot Unlock Target within the Contacts panel command fixed
– Sensor zoom level should now be approximately preserved between super cruise and normal space
– Labels in status panel now resize width to take up all available space
– Update cargo status when moving between faction space to keep legal status in sync with displayed status
– ComboBox Menu now has an opaque background – it’s previous transparent one caused readability problems when overlaying other UI
– Fixed issues with right align not working on horizontal text boxes
– Fixed bug where scrolling the focused item off the top/bottom of the list would case the focused index to become nonsense
– Allow the UI to react to changes in the cargo more quickly
– Don’t show Leave Voice Comms popup if we’re just passing through the state while not in voice comms
– Inventory panel states activate cargo scanner, even when unable to fixed
– Fixed written text Messages being discarded if looking away from the comms panel
– Sub target panel will display retrieving scan data animation indefinitely fixed
– All the options and main menus now have confirmation dialogs when you cancel changes
– Flipped the heading calculated for the compass GUI (no effect on other areas) so it is consistent
– Orbital HUD optimisations
– Repair inbox messages when awarding certain permits
– Amended Get Long Lat String to return a string formatted Longitude, Latitude, instead of Latitude, Longitude
– Pitch and yaw on the photo camera will now work while docked for players using mouse control
– Fixed issue where button hit boxes were misaligned on friends list
– Fixed the options screens losing focus when scrolling up and down long lists
– Commanders occasionally being rescued to last known good stations if they’ve logged out after driving in an SRV but before flying anywhere else
– Xbox One: Removed cause of performance drain in the tutorial UI (pre-flight checks)
– Xbox One: Data point reset timer and supercruise charging GUI overlap and flicker fixed
– Xbox One: Game takes input during the transitions between menu options fixed
– Xbox One: In Open Play, The First time a user sends a comms message to To [LOCAL]: the cursor moves from right of [Local] to left of To fixed
– Xbox One: Speculative fix for Starport Services having long loading times
– Comms panel scroll bar going beyond the bar line fixed
– Fixed settlements appearing twice on the navigation panel
– Make sure the station generation system uses the “old” metadata when in the orphaned station section of the code – Stops server/client crashing by using updated metadata
– Jet cone visual bug when viewed through buggy turret fixed
– Fixed broken shadow on SRV
– Prevent module storage until it’s working
– Fixed spurious warning when fitting a fighter hangar
– Many text fixes throughout the game.
– Fix a Commander ID mismatch with launch able vehicle in save game causing matchmaking errors
– Fix an error with settlement on Dahan 3 a.
– For the basic flight tutorial, disallow request dock with fake station
– Only add headings to “store multiple” page if they will be populated
– Fixed ‘sleepy’ expression pose
– Fixed ancient collectables appearing as “Mining Fragments” on the GUI
– Basic flight tutorial, change the way we detect pitch/roll/yaw input so that it also works with mouse controls
– Updated the ship throttle tip in basic flight tutorial to also show throttle axis if present
– Fixed sub targets panel not updating when scanning beacons (nav beacons, tourist beacons etc)
– Fixed headlook not working in station menu
– Fixed missing icon on Science & Research contact screen
– Preparation ethos icon is truncated in Powerplay menu fixed
– Removed VR Missions on platforms that don’t support VR
– Audio: Fixed some missing audio in the tutorials
– Various text fixes
– Latest translation batch added
– Starport UI: displaying station economy instead of system economy in main screen and commodities market UI
– Fixed issue where CQC stats screen would not update
– Fix an issue where if you disconnect on the match summary of rewards screen in CQC the player character isn’t cleared when going back to the main menu
– Fixed commander name on remote clients incorrectly identifying which vessel a player is actually controlling when entering a location
– Fixed bug where wrong icons would be displayed in info panel when being damaged by an engineered weapon
– Water Giant hologram GUI animation issue fixed
– Fix deco layers not showing on abandoned settlements
– Improved clarity when large info panel messages overlap existing log messages
– Cleaned up some of the messaging being used when jumping to a system. We now only show the abort message when the destination is potentially dangerous (currently, when in anarchy)
– By popular request – added the destination star’s class type to the info panel message upon initiating a jump
– Fixed the positioning of POI and player markers on the planet map
– Low resolution artefacts on mysterious thing’s lens flare fixed
– Removed black bar from station services wait banner
– Avatars with a certain eye blend shape were looking as if their eyes were closed in certain poses fixed
– Dock and travel tutorial: show correct station entrance pointer at all times during station approach, so that pointer doesn’t suddenly jump to the wrong place
– Dock and travel tutorial: Don’t allow cargo jettisoning
– Fixed logic loophole where docking and travel tutorial could be waiting for the docking UI to appear indefinitely if the landing gear is deployed very late
– Audio: Fix for incorrect tutorial VO line
– Neutron & White dwarf schematics fixed
– Fixed star-class info not appearing for some systems when initiating jump
– Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed
– Fixed incorrect integrity value for size 1 class 2 refinery
– Prevent duplicate ships being generated on authority transfer
– Docking computer staying 1km above planetary outpost fixed
– Latest translations added
– Various text fixes
– Award combat rank progression when destroying NPCs from no particular faction
– Added MassLocks to Cap Ship Docks
– Fixed missing parts of starports
– Many starsystems were controlled by planet settlements. These have all been upgraded to dockable bases
– Bounty vouchers once again split between all wing members
– Allow bounties to be claimed from SRVs again
– Changed cargo scanner text to Manifest Scanner
– Added powerplay overhead cost in various places
– Fixed incorrect Imperial Cutter schematic
– Fixed some jet cone flickering
– CQC: When server logs out, make sure we clean up any pending lobbies
– NPC shouldn’t advance their firegroups manager – this might explain some cases in game where NPC ships are not firing all their weapons
– Xbox One: Speculative fix for Xbox player not being restored to the island after resuming from store
– Added in default T16000 FCS bindings
– Enable storing info about visited stars for Xbox One
– Moved The Pit’s orbit out to make it easier to dock
– Show planet surfaces in the system map without needing the surface scan
– Xbox One: Fix an issue with connecting to CQC through the friends app


– Added option to sell mission specific cargo on the black market
– Seeking Goods scenarios now issue missions
– Assassination, Massacre, Piracy, Rescue missions updated to have target faction state effects
– Salvage and Collect missions have got a new destination faction state effect now
– Courier missions now also affect the target faction
– Players can now drop mission specific cargo. If third parties pickup said cargo they receive it as stolen
– Added in new inbox text into piracy, rescue and planetary rescue mission templates
– Changed the timers to dynamic timeouts for recovery agents and cargo hunter wrinkles in piracy and rescue missions
– Add a check which can be used to detect if a player has committed a crime during a mission
– Assassination mission template has a fix to alt targets name not being overwritten properly
– Updated smuggle and delivery mission templates with new state effects that affect the destination faction’s state, as well as the mission giver’s state
– Mission generation optimisations
– Added in the dynamic credit reward for not being scanned into the piracy missions reward transaction
– Added mission tracker component for damage to the player’s ship
– NPC Messengers with hidden contacts should be hidden
– Added in a pilot roster contract element into the transaction tabs for the recovery agents/pirates in piracy and rescue missions
– All missions now give a positive state effect with the mission giver for completion, that is relative to the cargo/mission target
– Updated text for an inbox message in missions that tells the player when they have killed a target, that there are more targets. Mission types it affects: Assassination, Collect, Courier, Delivery, Piracy, Rescue and Salvage
– Stopped New Destination Wrinkle from using Mission Giver Station in Smuggle missions
– If we don’t have space for all the material rewards, only add what we can
– Remove duplicate information from massacre skimmer
– Fixed some layout issue with the mission row item renderer
– Modified mission interaction so that “Destination” title will not be displayed if there is no destination for the mission
– Massacre templates alternate wrinkle updated, so the mission can progress if the player ignores the alternate target inbox message
– Missions in transactions tab are slightly misaligned fixed
– Complete tick box now displays with correct localised text
– Resized mission complete box to support 2 lines of text properly
– Stop credit reward being shown twice when more than one faction is involved in rewards
– UI updated to display commodity/material rewards in mission summary
– If a mission POI fails to find a flat spot, then create one in a random position rather than not at all
– Removed a duplicate value the recovery agents/piracy transaction panel in piracy and rescue templates
– Massacre missions – stripped out the authority targets from the templates. These have been replaced with citizens, or activists
– Set Mining missions so that they cannot offer the cargo that the player has mined as a reward
– Make sure the mission icon is displayed when mission target is a non landable planet
– Fixed some mismatches between missions and available cargo in USSs
– Updated piracy and rescue missions to include an inbox state, to stop the constant inbox message spam when you kill the target and don’t have the cargo yet
– Exclude systems with permit locked planets from mission generation targets
– Accept/ decline inbox messages now have a discard button if they are no longer relevant
– Updated Collect, Deliver, Salvage and Smuggle mission templates to no longer send cargo to a state where that cargo is illegal on new destination. (Opposite way round for smuggle, where it should always be illegal)
– Mission screen loading optimisations
– Fix a transaction server error when issuing mission tip offs
– Fix mining statistics when using mined ores to complete missions
– Ensure that a new destination wrinkle doesn’t send you to the port you’ve just come from
– Fix the calculation of dimensions for portraits in non 16:9 resolutions
– Removed two examples of settlements metadata giving missions the idea that they can be used as skimmer massacre targets
– Switched from MM: SS time format to MMm SSs format for inbox messages detailing a remaining duration for part of the mission. This format avoids the ambiguity from a string like 20:30 (is it 20 minutes, or twenty hours?)
– Updated massacre skimmer missions to reference the skimmer system
– Remove meta data that makes invalid settlements a target for skimmer massacre missions
– Template and text changes to show both factions involved in a mission
– Target faction for missions now shown on the mission board when you accept the mission
– Make sure players in SLFs can get credit for kills in assassination and massacre missions
– Added missing strings for illegal delivery missions
– Fix missing contract elements for delivery missions triggered by scooping an item
– Prevent disconnection when retrieving data from the previous system and we’ve already jumped
– Changed the panel to point to the correct text for massacre illegal and massacre skimmer mission templates – The Don’t Die wrinkle now shows the correct text on the panel
– Fix assassination missions not completing correctly in fighters


– Improved lighting and geometry in all the Engineers hangars
– Engineer base Farseer Inc’s floating rock formations dropped to seal gap
– Truncated elements in the material information panel for micro-resources and data fixed
– Made sure that the first focusable element is focussed on when showing the “adjust popup”
– Engineers ‘Sort’ Drop Down is layered underneath Engineers ‘Speciality’ text & No Search Results String, leads to overlapping text fixed
– Mouse wheel scrolling in engineers window affect other functions fixed
– Fixed bug where an experimental effect rolled a fail, but the UI would sometimes land on blue
– When opening the Engineers panel information may not be displayed correctly depending on how you closed the panel previously fixed
– Known engineers Pinned blueprint jitters when selecting cost fixed
– Text wrap enabled on encoded materials inventory further information panel
– Adjusted special effect text fields to account for 2 lines
– Adjusted modification text fields to prevent truncating text
– Centre align the workshop module class popup to account for wider text area
– Prevent the player from using hidden buttons in Engineers Workshops
– Added headers for type and grade microresource filter options
– Changed microresource filtering so type and grade filters are exclusive rather than inclusive
– Added engineer base UI schematic icon images
– Fixed legal state display errors when changing starsystems and when trying to pay fines at an Engineer base
– Xbox One: Pass in current text when enabling soft keyboard on Engineers screen, and get a callback when the keyboard opens (where we would clear the text, if we could)


– Cut-off text present on Preparation Tasks on most powerplay factions when selecting a system under their Preparation Tab fixed
– Distance of system in turmoil truncated on the powerplay screen for factions with a deficit (negative cc) fixed
– Contacts – Red confirm button should be changed to grey because red is widely used where nothing can be done
– Preparation pledge to nominate popup cant be selected as focus on background menu fixed
– Opponents undermined statistic in the stats panel removed as it’s redundant
– Changed ‘age’ label for Powerplay characters to ‘Year of Birth’
– Incorrect scaling of control systems on Powerplay map, when map origin is a long way away fixed
– Fixed Powerplay stats and ratings tabs occasionally having extremely oversized vertical scroll areas


– Make sure police ships are aware of assault crimes that are happening if the initial crime happened before they were spawned or near enough
– Rework how NPCs score their behaviour for interdictions to be less ‘binary’
– Rebalanced interdiction difficulty based on AI pilot skill
– New jump away state “Jump Uninterruptible” to handle NPCs jumping away when their target enters a No Fire Zone
– Stop powerplay AI from interdicting other powerplay AIs which are aligned to the same major faction
– Fixed docking Computer landing damage
– AI ships now aim launcher weapons properly
– Ensure that the AI auto-loadout system always gives a ship at least two fixed/gimballed weapons, to avoid ships with all-turreted weapons not being able to attack
– Passenger hunter archetypes added
– AI interdictions, only apply the system’s security modifier when considering whether we are too strong to interdict the target, not too weak
– Some slight balance changes for AI difficulty/rank spawn numbers, as well as dropping the rank range that AI can interdict at by one for all non-wing AI
– NPC crewed ships now use boost when following player
– Slight balance pass on the Authority ship friendly fire aggro multiplier, we don’t want it to be too high, so it’s now the same as the Friendly multiplier. Also made sure that the AccidentalDamage dialog is a bit more common
– Ensure low ranked AI ships reset their pips


– Ensure single body exploration scans are awarded to all wing members
– Fix case where dropping to a wing beacon in a ring would leave the player at their current location rather than the beacon
– Propagate hostility between wing members when attacked – this should make ships in silent running show up to all members of the wing they are attacking
– Select wingman’s target can now target systems that aren’t in the nav panel
– Improve notifications between wing members when doing system or body exploration scans
– Only propagate wing hostility for player ships


– Adding in explosive damage for the destructibles in CQC/Arena
– Made the matchmaking lobby detect disconnects faster, this prevents the lobbies from getting stuck in a state for a few mins due to a disconnect
– Player Rank Shows Combat Rating instead of CQC Ranking while in CQC
– Fix an issue where the server was calculating a different amount of credits to reward than the client displayed
– If there are multiple winners in a deathmatch game and you are not one of them, display defeat instead of a list of the winners
– Fixed some clipped loadout text in localised languages
– 2 Digit ranks are truncated in the scoreboard menu fixed
– Since a CQCing player can’t respond, don’t send them text chat or voice invites
– Fixed missing Russian glyphs on CQC respawn menu
– Scale the mouse cursor for fov in the same way that usual UI movies do, which catches that one giant cursor case when zooming during death cam in CQC
– Xbox One: Fix an issue with mismatched teams in CQC
– Xbox One: Fix a case where a player A enters a CQC match against player B, when player B had previously been signed in on player A’s console during this session


– Fix for the sensor zoom resetting when the game loses focus when the sensor zoom is bound to an axis
– Removed eject all cargo binding from all schemes by default
– In the keyboard and mouse control scheme add the arrow keys as secondary bindings to the UI-controls to allow navigation through the menus in the galaxymap
– Mouse cursor stuck on side of screen when in main menu fixed
– Now DualShock 4 controller keys are shown as Xbox360 icons, instead of []
– Don’t bind XB360 pad’s Back button to Cancel Binding, so more buttons are free for gameplay
– Removed all gamepad options from keyboard and mouse only schemes as they will prevent these schemes from showing up as a preset if you don’t have a pad connected
– Fixed bug where info panel would not display correct controls after changing to new control scheme
– Get mouse-controlled headlook working in Hyperspace again
– Added device and vendor IDs for the xbox one wireless controller so it will be picked up as a gamepad in the game
– Added keybindings for fighter orders and for recalling the main ship while in the SRV
– Xbox One: When switching users, forget about disconnected controllers for the old user


– Two changes aimed at rebalancing Thermal Shock and similar heat-imparting weapons:
– Ships now gain resistance to heat weapons based on spare cooling capacity (when ships are cold they’re more resistant).
– Having a heatsink actively charging diverts most heat from external heat attacks straight into the heatsink, granting 90% resistance to these effects for those few seconds.
These two changes combine well, as now heatsinks are much more able to cut through even extreme heat attacks, and then the newly cold ship is temporarily more resistant. Simply running a cold ship will also extend the time before external heat is able to cause damage by a larger proportion.
– Heat sink launchers now take substantially less damage from beaing overheated (down to a quarter of what it was), they are designed to be the defence against overheating after all.
– Shield resistance to heat-imparting attacks increased, and active shield will now block 50% of the effect of thermal shock weapons, up from 25%.
– Fix issues with mines and missiles sometimes failing to hit targets due to networking inconsistencies, most noticeable when driving into someone else mines at high speed
– Fix issue weapons switching to Fire at Will on supercruise transitions
– When modifying a weapon that fires in bursts, always ensure the clip size is rounded up to a multiple of the burst size. This will retroactively affect existing weapons and fixes cases of the Double Shot 3 slugshot having a 5 round clip
– Fix custom VFX scaling for weapons (scaling was affecting the particles rather than the emitter
– Mines should be affected by gravity
– Mines now have vfx for default, dirt and ice surfaces
– Point defence range has been increased slightly along with it’s integrity
– Blast radius for Deep Cut Payload and Penetrator Munitions is now correctly 75% of what it would be for an external blast, rather than 0.75m
– Fix a bug where the penetration direction for a missile could be wrong depending on the exact detonation trigger
– Set the Penetration chance for torpedoes and dumbfire missiles to 1. This is not used with their normal damage mode, but guarantees penetration when the damage mode is switched
– Tweaked chance of burst laser malfunction when firing as it was observed to be too likely to happen given that each shot of the burst did the test, not each burst
– Point defences will no longer try to shoot down a ships’ own dumbfire missiles
– ECM balance tweaks: guided missiles and torpedos hit by an ECM charge will now gain a major drunk effect if they did not already have it, causing them to veer off target most of the time. Technically you can still be struck, but previously ECM’ed torpedos would maintain an almost straight trajectory which for ships unable to dodge would mean they got hit anyway
– Dedicated keybinding for ECM. CM do not have to be in a fire group, holding this down will charge the first ECM module on your ship that is ready to go, and releasing will fire it
– Experimental balance change reworking how heat weapons function, similar to our earlier proposal but adjusted with player feedback. Aim of the changes:
– Thermal diminishing returns cut in much harder, previously they would start at 60% and prevent you going over 190%, whereas they will now start at 65% and prevent you going over 95% (down from 80%/120% in our earlier proposal). This means that heat from external attacks alone can never cause module or hull damage
– The heat effects of Thermal Shock are doubled
– The heat effects of Thermal Cascade are 25% more than they are on live (the previous beta heat nerf is being reversed, and then a small buff), combined with a slight nerf to PackHounds to stop them being so superior to other missiles
The goal here is for heat not to be a primary damage mechanism, but be there to punish your target for doing things that generate heat spikes such as SCBs, boosting or firing the hotter weapons. We also want to make it so that it is never worthwhile to stack a lot of heat weapons together: You will get the new full effect from a smaller number of weapons than before, but it can never get anywhere near as deadly and stacking more weapons beyond that point is counterproductive
– Drop the damage of packhound missiles slightly, from 9 per missile to 7.5. They’re doing slightly more damage than we wanted given their relative immunity to point defences, and dwarfing normal missile launchers
– Remove num pad 6 as a binding for chargECM, it’s already in use for fighter order follow
– Small usability improvement for Slugshot turrets, drop the range at which they will auto-acquire targets drastically (down to 500m rather than the weapon’s maximum range of 2000m), to stop them wasting shots on things they’ll never hit
– Experimental Balance tweaks for Fixed vs Gimbal weapons with travel times. Overall we think larger changes are needed, but for now going with a safe option to avoid over-correcting and will review once these changes settle:
– Projectile Speeds for fixed cannons increased by 20% (for S/M/L/H weapons this has gone from 750/800/875/1000 to 900/960/1050/1200)
– Projectile Speeds for Plasma Accelerators (APA included) increased by 20% from 700 to 875
– Damage for fixed multi-cannons adjusted so that the benefit for fixed over gimbals is much more consistent, and on average larger. Small fixed multis are reduced by 5%, Mediums are unchanged, large and huge increased by 11% and 14%
– Damage for fixed cannons adjusted for similar consistency, small increased by 5%, medium/large/huge increased by 10%
– Damage for Plasma Accelerators increased for a more consistent relationship with equivalent cannons, medium increased by 2%, large by 5%
– Advanced Plasma Accelerator has also had its energy efficiency improved (7 per shot down to 5.5). It now has slightly better damage per capacitor power than a normal Large and deals more DPS, but at the cost of more heat
– Reduction in damage to Reverberating Cascade was a bit much, especially when considered alongside much improved ECM. Returning this to 35% of raw damage punched through to shield generator.(originally 50%, previously reduced to 20%)
– Balance tweaks to buff PDTs:
– Missile health reduced for Small and Medium dumbfire and standard seeker. Now requires 2 point defence hits rather than 3 per missile
– PDT jitter angle halved (from 1.5 degrees to 0.75 degrees).
– Fixed where PDT shots would appear to vanish but would still have an effect at long range
– Fix a reported bug with Containment missiles and their engineer equivalents, the 35 second immunity period was not working correctly for them
– Minor balance tweak for Containment missiles have received a 20% damage reduction and 50% increased time between shots. FSD interrupt mod has gone from a 20->30% reduction and the same 50% increase in time between shots. Reducing their overall DPS so you’re sacrificing a little more to use them
– We think heat attacks have been reduced a little too far, and need a very conservative buff:
– Diminishing returns for heat now limit at 100% (up from 95% in previous beta)
– Damage penalty for Thermal shock reduced to 20% (from 25%)
– ECM needs some slight tweaks:
– ECM will now fire when hardpoints are not deployed
– ECM charge time increased to 3 seconds (currently 2 in beta, 4 in live)
– Hatch Breaker limpets are also having heir acceleration multiplier turned up significantly. For comparison firing at a target 1km away and with both ships matching speed the travel time has gone from roughly 10 seconds down to 5.5
– Improved flight speed and hacking time of all hatch breaker limpets
– Removed strange hatch malfunction behaviour where you could cancel it by toggling power. Hatch breaker limpets and general ‘your hatch got damaged’ hatch malfunctions can no longer be cancelled
– Slight reduction to the effectiveness of Incendiary rounds for Multicannons:
– Remove the hidden 20% kinetic damage that was left over
– Reduce the fire rate penalty from -10% to -5%
– Net effect is that the DPS has gone down by 4% vs shields and 15% vs hull (if unmodified), leaving the weapon strong but a slightly clearer tradeoff.
– Hatch breakers can now be blown up by point defence.

Outfitting / Shipyard

– We now preview ship kits and bobbleheads when we mouse over them
– Outfitting stats improvements:
– Adjusted stat priority so that CQC module stats no longer extend beyond the capacity of the GUI
– Added booster stats back in (CQC only)
– Show hidden stats in comparisons if the original stat isn’t hidden
– Cleaned up code and resources to remove depreciated “Outfitting” stats
– Small optimisation to stop OutfittingItemInfo calculating stats unnecessarily
– Chance Modification symbol overlaps description fixed
– Vehicle bay in outfitting does not populate class indicator pip fixed
– Fixed cut off label in item descriptions
– Sort preference in Outfitting resets after being closed fixed
– Sort results ignores weapon filters fixed
– Changed slot size for planetary approach suite to 1 rather than 8 as the item itself is only size 1
– Changed “Set Fire Group Reminder” text to apply to modifying modules as well as buying them
– Modules tab pop-up backgrounds are translucent on first viewing fixed
– Class/Rating sort filter in outfitting now correctly sorts by class first, then rating
– After applying a livery item to you ship via mouse input – the UI will no longer focus to the slot under the mouse and cause a camera change away from the item you were applying
– Block the purchasing of more than one scanner of each type
– Still allow save files to have multiple scanners if they bought them previously
– Still allow selling of a third duplicate scanner, even if the remaining 2 would, strictly speaking, still be against the rules
– The sale price of a vehicle bay now takes its contents into account
– Fix module buy back becoming hidden when swapping modules
– A module category will appear in the wrong place on the Store Multiple menu if no modules of that type are equipped fixed
– Shipyard – B button doesn’t work on sell ship popup fixed
– Stop clearing the remote ships list when we list the ships available at this station – this stops the remote ships list sometimes being cleared when we update
– Added some additional code to track whether a ship is being delivered “here” to control the local ship tab highlighting
– Accessing the livery via the station home screen no longer skips the ‘which vehicle’ step (if applicable)
– Fixed failing to go back behaviour when using the livery link from homes screen
– Fixed missing blurred background when picking which vehicle to livery
– Overhanging buttons and items in outfitting list fixed
– Changed outfitting filter options to use vectors instead of bitmaps to try to improve clarity
– First module highlighted statistics missing if purchasing to an empty slot fixed
– Removed the swap module option while previewing a fighter or an SRV as the web support is currently not available. This shouldn’t cause any issues as the only swappable modules on fighters and SRVs are decal slots
– Updated icons and animation for ship transfer to improve clarity and remove WIP items
– Fixed focusing issues in the modifications screen in outfitting
– Fixed several issues with ship transfer timers
– Updated outfitting button icons to improve clarity
– Module transfers with delivery times added
– Fix overflow values for very expensive ship transfers
– Fixed bug where paintjobs and items would persist when using breadcrumbs to navigate out the menu
– Added icon for the main ship when selecting a vessel in the outfitting
– Updated vessel selection screen in the outfitting to use new cleaner ship icons
– Allow a non-horizons player to view their horizons ships if they already own them (because they own horizons on another platform)
– When selling a ship of no value, we now show its value as “0 CR”, rather than “FREE”
– Shipyard UI sell confirmation popup : replacing “current ship” heading by “ship”, and displaying sold ship name instead of current ship
– Don’t allow more ships to be transported to a station than the local storage allows
– When populating vehicle list, making sure “selectable” flag is set (based upon purchaseAllowed state) so that the button behaves properly
– Fighter icon on SRV bay fixed
– Stat comparison screen remains during weapon swap fixed
– Process transaction cost correctly when fetching or selling a remote module
– UI was being unlocked before hardpoint animation was complete. This should now be fixed
– Module distance incorrectly show when transferring a module fixed
– Adjusted the balance areas of the popups to have an auto width, to account for large balances
– Added module class rating, added warning texts to sell and transfer module popups, gave the clock icon an orange tint
– Made class icon visible, resized the location icon to its, added space between icons and text, tinted transit text to red
– Fixed keeping hold of buyback items once we’ve bought them back
– Icons resized and centred, added missing class and rating, resized warning icon and added spacing between it and text
– Prevented focus from being lost when pressing Right on the read more section of the module transfer
– The Store [X/X] button is selectable when all 30 slots are full but no modules in the tree are selected
– Ship loadout doesn’t update after multiple swaps fixed
– Updated icon positioning and colouring in the Inventory Browser Screen
– Added functionality to the ‘Store Multiple Popup’, to support pressing ‘UI BACK’
– Starport UI: fixed quick action button icons disappearing when coming back from outfitting
– Store multiple modules lists incorrect number when unticking categories fixed
– Damage type tagged as ‘labelfield’ overlapping fixed
– Adjusted colour of “in transit” text, when focused on
– Made the “Stored Ship” tab, glow white when a ship completes its transfer
– Increased Module Storage size to 60
– Tune credits costs of Ship and Module transfer
– Added ship summary back to ship details panels for local and remote stored ships
– Don’t allow sold modules to have transfer options
– Display a 0% transfer levy when transferring a free item
– Distance Levy [Undefined] Displayed when transferring modules to your current station fixed
– Only display locally stored modules when transferring a module from storage to a pre-selected ship slot
– Fix server error after transferring cargo to a newly purchased ship
– Silent Audio on module store multiple scroll fixed


– Award exploration progress when creating vouchers for scannable settlements & points of interest
– Scannable vouchers now scale by the distance from Sol
– Allow objects to be spawned in response to cargo being scooped
– Added some new conditions for the poi buckets:
– Planet volcanism strength
– Planet volcanism type
– Primary star type
– Required star type
– A warning message is now displayed when leaving a conflict zone
– Added scenario for Elite Plus gameplay
– Added military patrol scenarios
– Rebalance for fixed scenario AI set up, specifically for Nav Beacons and RES sites
– Added in new ship types and slightly tweaked down the difficulty of the more extreme set ups
– Skimmers can now be spawned in waves
– Increased pool of Federation and Empire capital ship names
– Added a Cruise Liner scenario for Boom system states
– Stop ambient police ships spawning where there shouldn’t be any security response
– POIs can now contain landed ships
– Modules on damaged capital ships can now be shot and broken just like their more intact counterparts
– Make sure body volcanism is being correctly read
– Increased the distance at which persistent POIs will spawn from 5km to 15km and also made the persistent POI placement avoid placing near POIS from other placement types
– Fumaroles now no longer spawn all materials of the same type, they will select from a bucket like other mining rocks
– Have more varied states of geological activity
– Fix for POIs getting cleared when swapping into a fighter
– Fixed Occupied Escape Pods in USS appearing as Illegal Salvage/Stolen
– Fixed missing Satelittes schematic
– Added schematics for various mysterious things
– Rebalanced geyser, gas vent and lava spout forces
– Modifications to which geological can spawn where based on the volcanism types
– Fixed the hitcheck for a mysterious thing
– Added mysterious thing schematic
– Fixed broken Geyser forces
– Fix to floating Data Uplinks
– Added audio activity to trigger audio when breaking off collectables from organics
– Fixed missing serverbank audio
– Fixed Lodding Popping on Datapoint
– Updated Large Aerials on Adornments to have new texture, to make them more visible
– Fixed audio for geology fields
– Tunnel geometry not lining up in civilian installation fixed
– Turned on the hitcheck for the scaffolding around the under repair capital ship
– Placed the correct Installation in Ngalkin
– Rebalanced liquid elements of geyser VFX
– Removing Lava and fumaroles from Ice only planets at this is scientifically inaccurate
– Audio: Mix tweaks to abandoned settlements
– Audio: Added low rumble to geyser
– Fixed some misaligned tunnels on civilian installation
– Make sure that persistent POIs cannot spawn within their minimum separation of each other
– Audio: Fix for silent ambience on a secret thing
– Audio: Fix for number station ambience being audible at infinite distance
– Added new mission tipoff locations to settlements

Player Journal

– Suppress heat warning event if docked
– Tweaks to the “Location” event
– Added a mechanism to import star system names into visited stars cache
– Include Powerplay info in the FSDJump and Location events
– Include PowerplayOrigin in CargoDumped event if relevant
– When collecting microresources, include the count in the journal entry
– When scanning a star, include age and surface temperature; When scanning a star or planet, include more orbital details;
– When scanning a planet with rings, more significant figures for ring statistics
– Modification to player journal entry when rewarded a bounty, as it may list multiple factions
– The “ReceiveText” event in the player journal now has a “Channel” value that indicates if player text was received via a wing, local, friend, or direct player chat;
also include npc chat
– Added checks that we’re a component on the player’s ship before writing an entry in the player journal – applies to the following events: USSDrop, FuelScoop, JetConeBoost, Launch/Dock/Fighter/SRV, HeatWarning, CockpitBreached, MiningRefined
– Include details of all modules stored in the MassModuleStore event
– When transferring a ship, report distance in LY not metres
– Added Commodity Rewards info into MissionCompleted event
– Fixed issue where some received text messages were not written into player journal
– Added a “ScientificResearch” event in PlayerJournal for contributing materials to a research community goal
– When importing stars from a file into the VisitedStarsCache, interpret any line containing just digits as a starsystem address in decimal rather than a name
– Fixed journal entry for “ScientificResearch”
– Fixed the ‘abandon’ flag in player journal for cargo ejected from SRV
– Fixed typo in player journal for ModuleRetrieve which was causing broken json
– Fixed missing ‘Module’ tag in JetConeDamage playerjournal entry
– Some non-settlements were being reported via the “ApproachSettlement” journal entry – was potentially revealing secrets
– Fixed “TransferCost” key in “FetchRemoteModule” journal entry
– Player journal was asking for the packed star system age. System map was using a per star wobbled age. Now both use the per star age


– Fixed space settlements not appearing on clients without horizons/planet landing capabilities
– Improved snap to ground mechanism

Galactic Simulation

– Fixed some economic states ending too early for factions
– Fixed the faction retreat state so that it only tries to cancel pending conflicts in the system it’s retreating from, not all conflicts everywhere
– Stopped factions expanding into starsystems that can’t be travelled to or are immune to conflicts
– Fixed some market & shipyard price overrides not correctly ignoring expired modifiers

Community Goals

– Added support for Material donation Community Goals
– Fixed a transaction server error when redeeming CG rewards
– Fixed Community Goal conflicts ending half a day too early
– Stopped CG leaderboards being padded out with Commanders who’ve signed up but not yet contributed

Galaxy Map

– Avoid “route unavailable” cases in low density areas, when the route looks like it should be available
– Fix an issue with being unable to search for systems in “Lupus Dark Region B Sector”
– When searching for a star, try to find a star with the exact searched name first before starting the partial matching, fixes the issue of “BLU THUA QY-Z D1” returning “BLU THUA QY-Z D13-0” as the first match
– Improvements to “economical” route plotting times in high density areas of the galaxy. Cap the jump range used by JumpRouteFinder, so at each system we only consider jumping to nearby systems for the route, rather than every system within jump range
– If the jump range is low, don’t try to cut down the number of systems considered for fastest route plotting in high density areas
– If the player unticks the current plotting mode, don’t re-tick it when next opening the galaxy map
– Fix an issue with long jump distances and route plotting
– System map performance optimisation for VR
– Optimisations for the route planner
– Fix a stall at the end of plotting a route
– When using the Fastest route plotter in high density areas of the galaxy, reduce the cost that is calculated for the final jump to the target system. This allows the route plotter to return a route much sooner rather than spending minutes investigating potential small fuel savings
– The option to turn off Nebula Names only works at a distance fixed
– Trade route filters can once again be toggled on/off en-mass by holding LMB and dragging over them
– Switched buttons around so action button is now on the right of the cancel button with bookmark dialog windows
– When system names are too long, try and trim them in a sensible manner
– System Map – Lumpy planets now get their own models in the system map overview instead of using the smooth sphere model
– Slightly sped up the double sided lighting change when first entering the planet map
– Fix an issue where planets with a retrograde spin would not have their rotation speed or axial tilt displayed in the system map
– System map planets now use subsurface scattering colouring
– Added galaxy map overrides for population and economy
– Only display a conflict state on the galaxy map if the Faction controlling that system is also fighting in that system
– Reduced loading time for galaxy map
– Fixed some stalls loading the system map
– Bookmarks all disappeared and can no longer create them fixed
– Fix planet scan logic to ensure that planet terrain is only visible if the planet has had a basic scan performed on it
– Fix rendering when there are only Horizons planets in a system


– Improvements to stopping the SRV falling into planet / getting stuck in geometry when loading the game
– Improved wave scanner readability when SRV full beams are on at night, on a planet with a bright surface colour
– Use correct bone when calculating the scoop UI in the SRV
– SRVs now trigger docking offences when loitering on landing pads
– B button on SRV cockpit GUI panels engages vertical thruster fixed
– Enabled warning after buying a SRV hangar without bays
– If the player logs in while in a buggy and their ship is landed, the ships landing gear will now be extended placing them in the same state they were in when the player launched the buggy, this should help with the buggy getting stuck under ships if the player logs out under their ship
– Fixed ships crashing into the ground/destroyed when recalled by SRV
– Reduce the maximum number of signal traces on the wavescanner now that we have more extreme cases
– Optimise the wavescanner to better handle multiple signal sources


– The discovery scanner can no longer be used while self destructing
– Flight Landing Overrides conflicts with Targeting, Cooling, Weapons etc. fixed
– Fixed where there was no space after ASSIST OFF warning
– Ships will now try to align to the target destination during the hyperspace countdown
– Wear should now apply and repair properly
– Fix an issue with the calculation for the offset of the station schematic
– Prevent “Drives Offline: Zero Thrust Capability” message showing spuriously (while engines are not on, but are booting)
– Fix paintjob wear & tear and ship integrity recording
– Fixed livery errors with Taipan fighter
– Fixed parent ship livery slots appearing briefly when selecting a launch able, which should prevent a crash caused by trying to modify a slot that doesn’t exist
– Fix error in ship delivery calculation – it should be a linear association with distance, not exponential!
– Don’t send the ship arrived inbox message until the ship has actually arrived
– Fixed loading screen model for the Taipan
– Increased size of internal fuel tank for Beluga and Orca
– Enlarged hit locations on Imperial Fighter so its weapons can take damage
– F63 Condor and Eagle side panels obscured by canopy geometry
– Type 7 Bobbleheads slot 1 and 10 are incorrectly rotated fixed
– Equipped bobbleheads in the Beluga Liner clip into pieces of the GUI fixed
– Tweak up the minimum speed before taking damage when landing on a planet’s surface
– Keelback landing gear floating above ground when landing on planet fixed
– Fixed zfighting issues with loading screen for the Federation Fighter
– Adjusted hitcheck for Diamondback Explorer
– Fixes for hanger cameras and decal slots on the imperial Eagle
– Fixed Decal issues on the Cobra MKIV
– Fixed fuel scoop UI position for Fed Assault Ship, Corvette, Imperial Courier, Fed Dropship, Fed Gunship, and Vulture
– Fixed some holes in the mesh for Fed Gunship, Assault Ship and Dropship
– Fixed smoothing group issues on the Type 7
– Taipan’s left decal no longer missing
– Taipan fighter decals pass to make them more legible
– Added slight improvements to how accurately ships are snap to the planet’s surface
– Adjusted mix of the landar/spacedar transition noise. Made a bit softer
– Rebalanced Type 7 ship to have better toughness and larger internal module slots
– Fixed incorrect Type 6 armour hardness values
– Increased armour, shields and hardness (armour rating) base stats for the Keelback. Increased a single size 3 slot on it to a size 4 slot as well
– The heading gauge now displays during orbital cruise
– Moved the docking bone on the Beluga down to help with docking issues on planetary ports
– Set asp (and asp scout) landing gear door to be open or closed when initialising to up to down
– Diamondback Explorer cockpit handles in wrong place fixed
– Moved Mini panel placement (and tweaked radar position slightly)
– Fix for docking computer crashing into Farseer tower when coming in to land
– Vulture ship kit parts have a lot of wear & tear on them when purchased brand new fixed
– Landing gear can get stuck on if you have recently had an SRV destroyed and then launch from the planet fixed
– While trying to land on a planet – the landing UI will now check against Terrain->Speed->Alignment rather than Speed->Terrain-Alignment. This should make the UI a little more helpful in the majority of situations where the terrain is unsuitable, rather than you moving too fast
– Fixed incorrect landing volume for Type 7
– Cannot see Tail Shipkits on Vulture in Outfitting due to camera angle in VR fixed
– Fixed some mapping issues on the Cutter
– Audio: Ship drives silent when respawing over planet surface having died in SRV fixed

Ship Art

– Fix for all Lakon ships that have cockpit textures which bloom out and cause visibility issues with the GUI around stars/ brightly lit environments
– Fixed smoothing on Imperial Courier
– Fixed collision issue on landing in Diamondback
– Changed Imperial Cutter /Imperial Clipper target schematics for a proper one
– Cockpit version of external material renders under cockpit emissive elements fixed
– Fixed hitcheck issues with Federal Gunship
– Fixed Hitcheck on Orca so that you can retrieve cargo
– Moved bobblehead bones backwards to stop interference with GUI compass in the Adder
– Fixed gap in mesh for Cobra MkIII
– Adjusted camera position for Decal 1 on the Eagle
– Hitcheck adjustment for greater hardpoint clearance for the Keelback
– Moved hardpoints slightly and fixed some smoothing issues on the Cutter
– Created a new front landing gear animation to avoid intersection with the SRV bay on the Keelback
– Fixed hanger camera issue for front decal on the Imperial Eagle
– Fixed landing volume for Orca
– Fixed landing volume for Diamondback Explorer
– Fixed landing volume for Imperial Cutter
– Fixed landing volume for Viper MkIV
– Removed scaling on the warning panel to fix issue on the Imperial Eagle
– Fixed front landing gear intersection with the Cutter
– Z-fighting on fighter models on ship spinning load screen fixed


– Advertising boards in hangars updated with more companies
– Landing pad hologram colours adjusted to better suit new interior variations
– Fixed other player’s ships appearing to be outside of the station when they are docked
– Increased variety for adverts outside starports controlled by various local factors such as alliegence
– Rich and High Tech stations now use the alternative trucks and buses models on the roads
– Hide the station’s navigation marker while within the station’s bounding sphere
– Fix the stations attached modules not showing up in the station schematic
– Fix overbright envmaps being generated in rich stations and potentially other places in the game
– Rebalanced lighting in rich interiors
– The glowing emissive texture on the floodlights for Standard, Rich and ZeroG landing pads now switches on/off in sync with the spotlights
– Re-colour the crane texture used for the main gantries in the Inner Dock for variety: Agri is off-white, High-Tech red and Services a cleaned-up blue
– Fixed some flimmering lines on the back wall of the small rich hangar
– Fixed hitcheck for the trees in the rich stations
– It is no longer possible to supercruise into the back of a station and prang off it if you approach from exactly behind it
– Reworked a road junction on the PlanetPort so that it joins better
– Added a warning if trying to launch from a port without a planetary approach suite
– Added fighter bays to Jameson Memorial and Dalton Gateway
– Fix stations being different from before the beta
– Typo when selecting primary/secondary economy in station generation was changing station types
– Fixed a missing access panel on some of the large landing pads, which allowed you to see through the pad at a certain distance
– Audio: Various ATC fixes
– Added missing backer station ‘Samphire’s Solace’
– Added agricultural customisations to Harvestport in Kappa Fornacis
– Fix Station Services availability to cope when services aren’t present at all instead of falling through to ‘market not found’
– Starport UI: pressing B / exit button in Cartography section of startport UI doesn’t exit back to the cockpit and just goes back to home screen as expected
– Fixed one spot light bone being offset in the Foundry station
– Fix to allow the inner dock faction light overrides to work again with the new station customisation system
– Art optimisations for the Nemo Cyber Party Base
– Fixed missing textures on holoscreens
– Fixed VO not matching polity for ATC and announcements
– Fixed some floating industrial planet settlements
– Audio: Fixed loud ambience in station menu when buying/transfering/storing a ship
– Audio: Fixed loud passenger and crew lounge ambiences
– Fix for faction lighting being applied to the new station inner docks instead of their own lighting
– Audio: Fixed number station audio events not synced due to time step miscalculation
– Audio: The new flight controllers are too quiet fixed
Services of Stations
– Fix quick restock button (was showing a full bar when empty), also remove vehicles from the calculation if not vehicle bay is present on the ship
– Adjusted the faction name label within the News Panel. It will now resize and add an ellipses when required
– Fix the contact panel avatar loading (triangles animation)

Celestial Objects

– Fix cases of “dropping too close” when leaving rings from normal space into supercruise. You are now able to maintain cruise inside a ring, so long as you are outside of it’s core and heading away from the ring’s plane
– Improve drop-out location for entering rings in other situations, players will generally drop out closer to the ring and their target
– Improved method for blending distant bump maps for the terrain
– Ice surface material improvements
– Rocky surface material improvements
– Metal surface material improvements
– Updated planet surface tiles
– Reworked the ice asteroid shader’s lighting, and improved its parameter
– White Dwarf stars now have a unique lens flare
– Fix surface material quality being incorrect when rendering some patches
– Prevent distant surface maps jumping when camera crosses 16km boundaries, and improve precision of the largest maps
– Fix ring fog from being being lit in black hole systems
– tweaked the way ring fog interacts with local star colour so that it blends better with the star lighting
– Increased the maximum value for depth obtained from the depth buffer linearization. Fixes rendering for extremely large stars at extreme distances
– Improved the visibility of planet dust particles when in the darkside of the planet
– Terrain minor UV fixes
– Asteroids now generate only within the bounds of rings
– Asteroid billboards have their positions and size adjusted accordingly to ensure they fit within thin rings
– Ring cells now obey the ring height correctly rather than assuming all rings want 5km of asteroids
– Ring height clamped to a minimum of 1km
– Re-written asteroid billboard placement to use better depth ranges
– Re-written asteroid billboard mesh generation, lods are finally now coherent with one another
– Added randomised static rotation to asteroid billboards to break up visible repeating
– Fixed some obvious patterns on rock and metal planetary surfaces
– Stop lens flares getting disabled when entering supercruise
– Changed the planet dust colour system to only request data if we’re actually close enough to a planet to see any dust
– Fix fast moving distant Horizons planets not orbiting smoothly
– Optimise physics surface patch generation
– Improved memory management for surface textures
– Alterations to europa line parameters on rocky ice worlds – stops physics-breaking patches
– Have a hard cap in the noise graph for max geometry height, to prevent planets you can fly through or from being able to drive into space
– Remove the artificial increase in star spin speeds
– Added a medium quality planet surface material setting, with performance roughly halfway between low & high
– Disable tiling and detail textures at a distance of 1km on Xbox and mid/low-quality PC. This helps us afford tiling in the worst cases (hovering a few hundred metres above the planet
– Xbox One: Improvements to planetary surfaces
– Xbox One: Fix star luminosity not being the same as PC/Mac
Star Jets
– The FSD boost level now uses the larger effect out of synthesis and jet cone supercharge, rather than always using the latter if set
– FSD supercharge status now persists between sessions rather than being wiped on game load
– Added a random initial rotation to stellar jet billboards
– Re-enable jets for OSX
– Minor optimisation to texture lookup for jet cones
– Jet cone optimisations and quality settings
– Enable BC7 compression
– Fixed some pixelation on ice distant map
– Reduce the minimum star visibility for white dwarves and neutron stars. This fixes an issue where lens flares for those star types would be rendered when the star was occluded by a planet
– Audio: Fix for Materials sound being wrong on planet surfaces.


– Fixed sorting of emmisve textures bleeding through opaque surfaces
– Decal rendering improvements/optimisations
– Xbox One: Fixed the SSAO command
– Prevent luminosity class VI sub-dwarf protostars selecting a white dwarf as it’s nearest visual class (Please note: a side effect of this is that various TTauri or Herbig protostars will change from white to red/purple. This is not a bug, and is a slightly better representation of their actual temperatures)
– Fixed light cones disappearing when you got behind the source


– Arriving at a star now correctly leaves you in line with the source and destination systems, rather than the previous not-well-defined behaviour
– It is no longer possible to travel through or end up inside another star if you hypespace into a multi-star system. If an intervening star is detected your hyperspace will be redirected onto that star. This process repeats if the new path is also obstructed. Note that you can still end up dangerously close to other stars and get more than a little cooked
– When hyperspacing to a star with jet cones, avoid potential danger regions at the poles
– Ship aligns and follows target star through hyperspace tunnel
– Made elements of the hyperspace tunnel persist across boundaries
– Made the hyperspace tunnel go faster
– Optimisations to the hyperspace tunnel
– Texture and particle improvements to hyperspace tunnel
– Reduction of GUI contributed stalls to hyperspace entry/exit
– Fix for hyperspace nebula streaming in at low-mip at the start of the hyperspace jump
– Stop the shadow settings changing when starting the FSD charge for hyperspace/supercruise


– Added Persephone (Planet Nine), Haumea, Makemake, Eris, Orcus, 2002 MS4, Salacia, Quaoar, 2007 OR10 and Sedna to Sol
– Renamed Eol Prou RS-T D3-94 to Colonia
– Added starport to Eol Prou LW-L C8-76 A 3 A
– Outpost added to Eol Prou LW-L c8-138 1
– Outpost added to Eol Prou YD-W B17-1 4
– Outpost added to Eol Prou YD-W B17-5 A 5
– Outpost added to Eol Prou Lw-L C8-28 A 1 a
– Outpost added to Eol Prou Lw-L C8-306 A 4 a
– Outpost added to Eol Prou VY-R d4-443 6
– Outpost added to Eol Prou LW-L C8-133 2
– EES2009 Persei has duplicate system names fixed
– Renamed duplicate Frey system to Yngvi-Freyr
– Duplicate system name Grafias renamed to SO4-H1E 2000
– Check spin rates for neutron stars and black holes are something more sensible
– Fix issues with close orbiting bodies with large eccentricities intersecting their parent star
– Fix an issue when generating a system when a highly eccentric orbit goes outside the hillsphere of its parent, we will now reduce the eccentricity to fit inside the hillsphere
– When checking for moon-ring intersection, need to account for any objects orbiting the moon so that they don’t intersect at any point in their orbit
– Ring around Archerbas in the Carthage system no longer intersects the planet
– Renamed exoplanet in the Ross 444 system to Hutton Prime
– Col 285 Sector HX-X B16-4 renamed to Exton
– Jaques station name restored
– Made the Pleiades Nebula blue
– Speculative fix for intermittently disappearing stations/systems in overriden generated systems
– Prevent an invalid update query on updating time spent in ships when we don’t know the commander’s current ship type


– Death in a SRV with a mother ship in orbit now re-spawns the mother ship in orbit, not on the planet
– Prevent SRV’s getting stuck partially retrieved if another buggy is in the same island with their mother ship
– Minor update to SRV preview to prevent the turret and the chair from shaking
– Made the inertial camera simulation use the mode AccelerationSpring when using trackIR in the buggy, the same as without TrackIR. This fixes the camera twitching when using TrackIR in a buggy
– SRV Bay – Scarab does not show initial vehicle specs despite being selected
– Fixed SRV cargo transfer page not displaying cargo after transferring cargo to your ship then going and scooping a new load
– Added self destruct button back to the SRV
– SRV Scarab shown as being in a bay in the role switch panel, when no SRV is present
– On fitting new SRV planetary vehicle hangar all slots are full when viewing the role panel fixed
– Stop data points showing up on a fighter HUD after been scanned in the SRV S
– Stop fighter mothership pointer appearing in an SRV after the player has been in a fighter


– All Limpets are no longer killed when one player leaves the instance
– Untargetted collector limpets will not target items owned by their player
– Tweak the thresholds for displaying Low / Medium / High material asteroid content when using a prospector limpet. The thresholds were previously way too high so it always showed Low. Now the information is more meaningful: all rings can show either Low or Medium for an asteroid, and Rocky and MetalRich rings can also show High


– Fixed crash site collision on debris
– Fixed the buggy pad in mining object layer, so it snaps to position only, not orientation
– Added fade to organic seed decals to fix cut off on extreme slopes
– Added some more variety to mysterious places
– Fixed some misaligned tunnels in an installation
– Fixed a mysterious thing finding it’s way into a cargo canister when being ejected
– Fixed chatter table for trespass zone
– Added depth prepass on fumaroles/ice rocks (slight optimisation)
– Stellar schematics updated for White dWarf, Black Hole, Neutron Star
– Ice Rocks – sublayer tiling rate reduced
– Tunnel Texture in some Installations has a LOD issue with tunnel walls fixed
– Audio: Rebalanced organics audio mix
– Audio: Mix tweaks to crystal sinewave scanner element as it was dominating the mix when in a fumarole field
– Audio: Changes to organics collisions to improve ratio of collision sound triggering
– Audio: Fix for radio chatter not triggering near settlements
– Audio: Some rebalancing for settlement security voice 3 to be clearer on stereo mix
– Audio: Set correct compression settings on Hyperspace stress noises
– Audio: Tweaked micro resource collect GUI sounds


– Fix some issues with matchmaking disconnections
– Fix a transaction server error during resurrection
– Improve reliability when selling lots of exploration data
– Fix clearing saves with a lot of exploration data
– If an island update happens and the new location is in a system that is not ready, then ignore it
– Fix for cargo scooping bug, only update the server when we have authority over the cargo canister being destroyed
– Generate new ID when ejecting cargo from a ship. This should fix some cargo duplication errors
– Some network replication optimisations
– Various server performance and reliability improvements
– Fixed some server stat retrieval issues. Mmm… tasty data.


– Added scientist outfits
– Added aid worker outfit
– Added security outfit and military variant
– Added freedom fighter outfit
– Added refugee outfit
– Added doctor outfit
– Added tourist outfits
– Added option to set different portrait settings for passengers once on board ship (different background, remove baggage)
– Rebalanced all outfit palettes for mission contacts
– Rebalanced hair colours
– Rebalanced lighting in avatar portrait scene
– Switched over to using new hair shader with bespoke HSV shifts & AO support and HSV offset maps.
– Added new male and female hair styles as tests for new rendering technique
– Updated existing hair styles with decal to blend into scalp
– Added option to match hair and beard colour
– Added custom camera-facing environment map for avatar eyes
– Added 8 new pilot suit variants for NPC crew
– Preload mission contact avatars ahead of the mission board to reduce delays
– We now cache engineer portrait icons
– Reorganised avatar resources to reduce portrait generation times by up to 50%
– Added NPC crew specific backgrounds
– Added passenger cabin backgrounds


– Fighter order control bindings no longer visible on non Season 2 clients
– Xbox One: Fixed fighter order control bindings not appearing


– Updated to LibOVR 1.4
– Added new (and improved!) VR graphics presets as faster cards can handle the bump.
– VR Low (unchanged from current VR Low)
– VR Medium (is currently ‘VR High’)
– VR High (Mid preset with x1.25 supersampling) VR Ultra (High with medium shadows and medium Terrain Sampler)
– Added backgrounds to textual elements on menu and option screens. Greatly improves readability in VR
– Draw the Mouse Control UI as far away as we draw other gunsights in VR
– Cannot see Tail Ship kits on Vulture in Outfitting due to camera angle in VR fixed
– Cannot see Spoiler/Wing Shipkits in Outfitting on Asp due to camera angle in VR fixed
– Fix the missing text on the wall in the VAR Main Menu hangar if you look behind you
– Fix for mouse cursor size when HMD is present
– Memory optimisations for Oculus
– Only show VR tutorial in challenges list if VR is supported on this platform


Audio Specific Features

– 5 new flight controllers
– 4 new settlement security voices
– The laser-beam part of beam/mining lasers now emit sounds (previously just the weapon did)
– Sounds for GUI radar transition from spacedar to landar and vice versa

Mix Improvements

– Improved sonic consistency across all ship voice lines (previously a few sounded different)
– Improved various rough transitions (between galaxy map, system map, main game etc)
– Improved the ship purchase screen sounds
– Some small mining tweaks/improvements
– Volume fix for SRV shield drop and reform
– Boosting Flight Controllers and Radio Chatter by small amount
– Tweaks to Solar Satellite mix

Technical Audio changes

– Better integration of ship voice and npc comms (tutorial, npc crews, flight control) systems and future proofing
– Improved the way non-player voice content in managed in game. Improved prioritisations, de-clutters the mix, and future-proofing.
– Improved memory management, and reduces chance of missing audio happening.
– Improvements to the way FSD soundbanks are managed, to target problems with missing FSD charge and hyperspace tunnel sounds.

Audio Bug Fixes

– Fixed module bootup start/complete/charge sometimes occurring in the wrong place
– Fix for impact sound spam when more than 4 beams hit the target.
– Fixed broken solar satellite audio
– Fix for multiple back sounds when backing out of certain menus using a joypad
– Fixed wing notification sound not triggering when the panel is not in focus.
– Fixed planetary music not playing when approaching from supercruise
– Changes to debris system that should improve issues with missing audio
– Voice – Fixed ability to make it flood/spam the player with Request/Cancel docking flight controller messages
– Voice – Fix low gravity warning incorrectly triggering when spawning in SRV on engineer base
– Voice – SRV boarding permission granted voice line now linked to GUI message. Fixes some issues where it wasn’t always playing.
– Voice – Fix for some ship voice lines playing after player dies and respawns
– Voice – Fix “Cargo Scoop Retracted” playing upon entering a ship from a buggy with an open cargo scoop
– Voice – Prevent Flight Assist On voice event playing in death sequence
– Fixed out of range warning and linked it up to UI
– Fixed “no more targets” NPC crew line
– Enabled “multiple contacts” message which could never trigger before
– Rock & Ice Fumaroles have no impact audio fixed
– Fixed some issues with Imperial Fighter
– Beluga audio fixes
– Reduced the volume of the Taipan and Imperial Fighter boosts
– Added in another layer to the Taipan orientation sounds to give them more weight at lower speeds
– Added the oxygen mask sounds to the SRV
– Tweaks to wavescanner so not so overwhelming at organics locations
– Added spread to wavescanner attenuation shareset, so doesnt pan as harshly
– Small changes to ATC. The ATC will not look at what the fighter is doing but instead at the mothership. Calls to the mothership will be forwarded to the player in the fighter
– Hooked up missile incoming warning on NPC Crews
– Fixed a bug within the role switch panel, where switching panel items did not send the stop event of the fighter construction
– Fixed a bug with the role switch fighter construction
– Fix for crew lines being audible in pause menu
– Fix for Fighter ‘other’ sounds stopping abruptly when docking at speed
– Fix for fighter bay animations sometimes not being heard
– Fix missing gimbaled fighter beam weapon sounds
– Added SFX for inflight fighter construction
– Mix tweaks on fighter docking
– Mix tweak to Crew lounge sounds
– Setting Crew comms to be controlled by the “non-player voice communication” volume slider in the options menu
– Added friendly fire behaviour to the Npc Crew voices
– Fixed isues with fighter boost caused by flight model changes
– Fix for the loud boost charge up on Taipan
– Audio: Only play the hull damaged line if hull has taken damage
– Audio: Mix tweaks on Keelback on full speed acceleration
– Audio: Fixed audio error when turning Thrusters on/off in Taipan
– Audio: Adjusted the frequency balance of the ship voice lines
– Audio: Fixed a couple of clicks in the very low altitude engine elements
– Audio: Tweaks to mix of cockpit overheating sounds
– Audio: The ship voice system now distinguishes between fighter, mothership and srv
– Audio: Delayed the pre-hyperspace exit swell, to restore synchronisation on exit
– Audio: Fix for strange volume changes when entering the main game and on FSD jumps


The following are changes from the last 2.2 beta to live:

Stability Fixes

– Catch cases where physics objects returned in an ai probe are destroyed before being used
– Fixed crash when role switching
– Fixed memory leak in system map
– Fix for crash when bulk storing large ships
– Disconnect after deploying SRV then requesting boarding with an SRV at Planetary Outposts/Stations fixed
– Spawn our ship in space on Xbox One instead of crashing if the launch bay is not valid

General Fixes & Tweaks

– Added in default T16000 FCS bindings
– Enable storing info about visited stars for Xbox One
– Moved The Pit’s orbit out to make it easier to dock
– Show planet surfaces in the system map without needing the surface scan
– Xbox One: Fix an issue with connecting to CQC through the friends app


– Fix for passenger cabin allocation vis-a-vis missing pods and accidental restocking


– Turret settings are recovered when switching back to main ship
– Allow fighters to accept new orders if they’ve been told to dock
– NPC Crew can’t pilot ships near planet surfaces fixed


– Fix assassination missions not completing correctly in fighters

Player Journal

– Player journal was asking for the packed star system age. System map was using a per star wobbled age. Now both use the per star age

Source: forums.frontier.co.uk

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